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The not so exciting travel prep

2 Jul

8 months until I fly out, and around 7.5 months of work left. Time is flying by this year. With only one day off a week (sometimes none) I’ve started to nut out a to-do list so I don’t leave everything until the last moment. Hopefully one week from flying out, I’ll be all organised and can enjoy some lazy family time. 

The other night I dreamed that I took off to Samoa for two days without telling anyone – because I’d have felt guilty for taking a mini holiday whilst supposed to be saving for the big trip. In my dream there was a tsunami. We ran for the hills. It was quite terrifying but as my dream self made it to the top of the hill I was panicking, not because of the ginormous wave rolling in, but because I hadn’t booked travel insurance and hadn’t told the government my whereabouts via safetravel.govt.nz ! 

  1. Read through travel insurance policies and book one.
  2. Get vaccinations – my yellow fever and typhoid have both expired.
  3. Apply for Argentine working holiday visa (can’t do this until I have insurance).
  4. Register details on Safe Travel. 
  5. Renew drivers licence.
  6. Get new cards with longer expiry dates.
  7. Compare cameras and figure out which to buy.